Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her – You Know She’ll be Expecting Something

a gift for herYou know she’ll be expecting to receive the most sentimental gift for your 25th wedding anniversary, but quite frankly all the options have got you in a bit of a spin. Don’t panic man, it really isn’t worth is. Because finding an awesome silver wedding anniversary gift for your wife is a piece of cake. You know that the right kind of gift will lift your celebration to a whole new level, but quite honestly you don’t know where to start. Jewellery, perfume, flowers, chocolates, trinkets, ornaments, pictures and anniversary plates – which one to choose, and how much should you spend?

You might be tempted to get the credit card out and spend a fortune, but that’s not what she’ll be looking for. Take it from people who know. The gift that you give your wife this year should be sentimental, thoughtful and most of all, something she wants. Otherwise she’s just going to smile sweetly and simply toss your gift into a drawer along with all the other items.

Blue Matching Set

Blue glazed rose, pendant and earrings

  • It includes rose, pendant and earrings in leaf theme.
  • The jewelry set is decorated with 30 brilliant synthetic diamonds.
  • Protected by a lifetime guarantee supplied as standard.

Price: £199

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Purple Matched Set in Gold Heart Theme

Purple glazed rose pendant in heart theme

  • Includes a glazed purple natural rose, along with a pendant and earrings.
  • The pendant is fashioned in the shape of a heart.
  • Each jewelry piece is inlaid with sparkling synthetic diamonds.

Price: £199

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White Matched Set

White glazed rose earrings in 24k gold

  • Glazed natural tight bud rose, pendant and earrings.
  • The pendant is fashioned in the shape of a heart.
  • There is a certificate of authenticity for both the rose and the jewelry.

Price: £199

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Why It’s Important to Celebrate Your Silver Wedding Anniversary

Couples have been celebrating wedding anniversaries for centuries by giving and receiving gifts. But it’s not just tradition that dictates this practice. Exchanging gifts is a vital part of a relationship, and marking special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and of course anniversaries. It’s important to mark each passing year by showing each other your true feelings. And life always seems to get in the way of doing it on a regular basis, so any kind of anniversary makes a welcome change.

And a silver wedding anniversary is quite a significant milestone. The tradition all started with the Holy Roman Empire. The Romans not only gave us central heating and glass windows, they also introduced silver and gold wedding anniversary celebrations. Back then it was a garland that was given to the wife to mark the occasion, but your lady might feel a little uncomfortable wearing a garland on your anniversary day. And it certainly isn’t the sort of gift that’s going to come in useful very often.

A silver wedding anniversary is an opportunity to show your gratitude and love for a certain special someone, and acknowledge the life that you spent so long building. But it’s not only your chance to look back on the good times. It’s also the chance to strengthen your bonds and look forward to many more years together.

She’s a Hopeless Romantic – Why Not Order her some Flowers?

Flowers make for a very romantic gift, whether they’re given for her birthday, Christmas, on a regular basis, or because it’s your wedding anniversary. They have been given to ladies as a gift from the heart for centuries. From ancient Rome, right up to modern day, flowers have been given as a way to make a romantic gesture. And we don’t how they’ve managed to do it, but their meaning and feelings are as strong today as they’ve always been.

Flowers are a very symbolic gift to give to the lady in your life, and it seems that men aren’t adverse to receiving them too. Different flowers convey different meaning and the colour can have a message too. Guess you don’t need reminding, but we’re going to do it anyway, red is a sign of passion. Red roses in particular are a popular way of expressing love. Orange flowers are used to symbolise warm love that started off as friendship and developed into something much deeper. Yellow flowers are used to convey friendship and sometimes used as a sign of appreciation. Blue flowers symbolise tranquility and peace, so you could give your beloved blue flowers to show how much she’s inspired you and kept you at peace. And what about purple flowers? Purple is a symbol of royalty, so you could use them to convey to her that she’s your queen.

And when it comes to giving flowers, we’ve found something that will top the biggest bouquet. A silver dipped rose from Eternity Rose. She’s going to love you all the more when she opens her gift on your anniversary morning and finds an exquisite rose bloom, dipped in silver.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife That Stray Away from the Traditional

Why not take the opportunity to give your wife the best gift of all. The gift of your time, and the chance to do something out of the ordinary. For 25 years now, you’ve both been concentrating your efforts on making a home, raising children, or focussing on your careers. So now it’s time to think about each other. And it’s likely that this is long overdue.

Whisk your wife away for a well-earned holiday – the kids are old enough to take care of themselves, and you should be in a position financially to spend some time away from home and work. Choose an exotic location and enjoy the peace and tranquility of new surroundings. Or if you’d prefer why not try an African safari, ocean cruise or trek up into the mountains? Did you get the chance to have a honeymoon, way back when you got married? If not, now’s your chance. Is there a destination you’ve both dreamed of visiting? Well go and enjoy it.

Time to try out something new – you might feel that you’re in a bit of a rut, so your silver wedding anniversary is a good time to try out something new. Excitement and adventure is always good for rekindling those feelings you had when you first met. Choose to take some dancing lessons, or maybe rock climbing, flying or share the thrill of throwing yourselves out of a plane.

When you’ve found the perfect gift, don’t forget about the presentation. Yes, many of the gifts you’ll encounter will come in their own special presentation box, but there’s nothing wrong with adding your own decoration, or wrapping the gift in some silver paper. When you were a child, can you remember the excitement you felt when unwrapping presents? Sometimes it far outweighed what you felt when you saw what was inside.