Play a Great Round of Golf with a Gold Golf Ball and Tee Set from Eternity Rose

Is there a golf fanatic in your household? Is there an occasion coming up that calls for an outstanding gift? You might want to consider a gold golf ball and tee set from Eternity Rose. And one of the great things about this particular gift is it’s available in a playable or just for display form.

Playable golf ball and tee set in 24 karat dipped gold golden golf ballA patented process is used that allow the balls to retain their playability, as well as being very durable. Many golfers who have played with them were surprised at the length and how straight the balls travelled. They are often used in a general display or mounted in a trophy case. But there are actually experienced players who prefer to use them. One particular celebrity golfer was very impressed when presented with one. Alice Cooper was presented with one this year while Motley Crew were touring Australia. He was invited for a round of golf as a guest of honour at the Rebel FM Alice Cooper Golf Day. Here’s the video of the presentation.

Display 24k gold dipped golf ball and tee set Eternity Rose use a highly specialised process that electroplates real golf balls and tees with real 24 karat gold. This particular set is not designed to be used on the golf course, but is purely for display only. For any golf fan this exquisitely crafted gift will look good on a desk, in a display cabinet or in pride of place on the mantelpiece. It is presented in a black velvet pouch with pull ties, sat inside a black gift box.

24k Gold-Dipped Poker Cars

Gold-dipped poker cards

  • A deck of playable poker cards dipped in pure 24k gold.
  • Each deck is produced to the highest tournament standards.
  • Each deck comes in its own cherrywood case and its own certificate of authenticity.

Price: £129

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24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

Gold-dipped natural rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • It perfectly combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of fine gold.
  • Presented in an exquisite leather case, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Price: £129

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Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

Silver-dipped natural rose

  • Real rose dipped in pure silver and it has a bright and radiant mirror finish.
  • An iconic symbol of devotion and eternal love that will endure a lifetime.
  • The rose is presented in a navy-blue velvet.

Price: £129

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What exactly is electroplated gold?

Gold plating is a method by which a thin layer of gold is deposited onto the surface of another metal, often this metal will be copper or silver. The plating process can be chemical or electrochemical.

Electroplating passes an electric current through a solution called an electrolyte. The process is achieved by dipping two terminals (electrodes) into the electrolyte solution and connecting them, so that a circuit is formed, via a power source, such as a battery. Carefully chosen compounds or elements are used to make the electrodes and electrolytes. Electricity flows through the circuit that’s been made which splits the electrolyte up and results in some of the metal atoms it contains, which in this case are gold, becoming deposited in a thin layer on one of the electrodes.

Lots of different metals can be electroplated, aside from gold. For example tin, zinc, silver, copper, chromium, platinum and lead.

Why is electroplating used? There are basically two main reasons that electroplating is used. Gold and silver are usually used when plating because it makes for a more attractive and precious finish. It’s also cheaper to have an item made using gold or silver plating than one that is manufactured using pure silver or gold. Some metals are plated to give them a protective layers, such as food containers being tin plated. Because this makes them resistant to corrosion.

By reading this product review of gold golf ball and tee set we hope we’ve sparked your interest. And given you a great idea for an impending anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift. Pop on over to the website of Eternity Rose and you’ll see lots more gift ideas for all those special people in your life. Whether they be men or women. Read some of the customer testimonials if you want to get a good feel for the customer experience and the virtues of giving one of their gifts.