Give Her a Gift That’s Durable but also Flexible – 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

With your tenth wedding anniversary just round the corner you’re in for a challenge when it comes to buying 10th wedding anniversary gifts. Tin is the traditional theme for such an occasion here in the UK, while across the water US couples choose to use aluminium as well. There is good reason for these particular themes that’s connected with the qualities of both these metals. Durability and flexibility are what links them to celebrating a decade of marital bliss.

When you reach the milestone of your tenth wedding anniversary, gifts are the order of the day. Friends and other family members may feel the need to mark the day by giving you gifts. But the most important person in this momentous event is your beloved lady wife. Your task is to find her a gift she’ll be proud to receive, and one that shows your level of commitment to her and the need to make sure she’s happy.

With the themes of aluminium and tin, you might be thinking suitable gifts are going to be hard to find. On the contrary, with an exciting range of options regardless of her taste. But if you’re struggling there’s always daffodils, crystal or diamond jewellery to further add to your selection.

Platinum-Dipped Natural Rose

Platinum natural rose

  • A real rose dipped in pure certified platinum.
  • A double-sided authenticity certificate is included.
  • The worlds most recognised symbol of love, beautifully and artistically presented.

Price: £139

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24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

Gold-dipped natural rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • It perfectly combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of fine gold.
  • Presented in an exquisite leather case, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Price: £129

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24k Gold-Dipped Poker Cars

Gold-dipped poker cards

  • A deck of playable poker cards dipped in pure 24k gold.
  • Each deck is produced to the highest tournament standards.
  • Each deck comes in its own cherrywood case and its own certificate of authenticity.

Price: £129

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10th anniversary gift ideas for her that sparkle

tin for 10th wedding anniversaryThe modern alternative to the two traditional themes are diamonds. More specifically actually in that the theme is diamond jewellery. Why diamonds? Because your marriage has survived all the ups and downs that the daily grind can throw in the way, possibly including the patter of tiny little feet. It should be strong relationship by now. Possibly as strong as a diamond. So this year, show your wife how much you still love her with an elegant pair of diamond stud earrings, diamond pendant or a dazzling diamond ring.

Diamonds however, aren’t the only gemstone linked to 10th anniversary gifts for her. Depending on where you’re looking, a number of other gemstones can feature as part of your 10th wedding anniversary gift.

Blue sapphires are one of them and are a very popular gemstone for 10 year anniversary gift ideas for her. As with many other types of gemstones they symbolise certain things. In the case of the blue sapphire the virtues are sincerity, truth and faithfulness.

If you’re planning to buy your wife an item of jewellery take care in its choosing. Any old thing really won’t do in this case. Find her the right piece of jewellery and you’ll be at the front of the queue when the prizes are handed out for husband of the year. It’ll also pay to take a look at some of the trinkets in her collection. Because something completely off the wall may not be well received.

It’s not that hard to say “I love you” with a gift made from tin

Yes we appreciate that finding a good gift for your wife on your 10th anniversary isn’t going to be easy. A gift made of tin? What on earth can that be? If you want to impress her with a gift that’s traditional, read on for our top suggestions. purple matched set

  • Visit a Cornish tin mine – This might not seem a very romantic idea, but couple the visit with a short stay at a top class hotel, or bed and breakfast in a cosy Cornish cottage and your 10th wedding anniversary gift for her will be one that’s remembered long into the future.
  • Share a sentimental movie night at home together – If you think your wife would prefer to cuddle up on the sofa with a few nostalgic movies give it a try, you might even like it. Tin related movies that’ll bring a tear to her eye: Cat on a hot tin roof, The Wizard of Oz, Pushing Tin.
  • Tin jewellery – Design your own and hand it over to a master craftsman to create using tin. Alternatively there are plenty of artisans and gift sites with an excellent of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings made using tin.
  • Chocolates in a tin presentation box – Chocolates are a tried and tested favourite when it comes to buying gifts for the ladies. The great thing about this particular gift is it can be tailored to suit many of the traditional themes.
  • Tin bucket filled with gifts – Fill this practical tin container with all her favourite things. CD’s, DVD’s, books, food and beverages can all find a place in this wedding anniversary present.
  • Tin toy – If your wife is a bit of a collector why not start her off in a new direction. With a collection of tin toys. You only need to visit a few flea markets or wander round a few car boot sales to find the perfect item to begin her collection.

If you’re looking to surprise your wife on her tenth anniversary with an unusual or unique gift then a 10th wedding anniversary is the perfect time to try out our ideas.