Give Your Wife a Four Year Anniversary Gift to Remember

Did you realise that by the time you reach your fourth wedding anniversary you will have enjoyed more than 35,000 hours of married life. Sounds like an unbelievable length of time, but we bet it’s flown by. Are you planning to make a celebration of this momentous event? We certainly hope so, and one good way to do it is by exchanging a 4th wedding anniversary gift.

We’ve been celebrating wedding anniversaries here on planet earth for hundreds of years, and now that retailers have jumped on the bandwagon, it looks set to be a tradition for many years to come. Many centuries ago it was only the most significant anniversaries that were marked with the exchanging of gifts. Nowadays however, most of the years have a particular theme. It was a leading association of jewellers in America that introduced themes for most of the years. And while their reasoning may have been financial, we think that it’s only fitting for every year to be marked with its own unique theme.

Red Glazed Rose Heart Pendant

Red glazed natural rose

  • Luxurious pendant created from red natural miniature rose petals.
  • Styled in a heart shape, the pendant is studded with 21 radiant synthetic diamonds.
  • Presented in a thick navy-blue velvet pouch, backed up by a lifetime warranty.

Price: £51

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Purple Matched Set in Gold Heart Theme

Purple glazed rose pendant in heart theme

  • Includes a glazed purple natural rose, along with a pendant and earrings.
  • The pendant is fashioned in the shape of a heart.
  • Each jewelry piece is inlaid with sparkling synthetic diamonds.

Price: £199

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Pink Natural Glazed Rose

Pink tight bud glazed rose

  • A natural pink rose glazed and gold trimmed with pure 24 karat gold.
  • Each rose comes supplied with an authenticity certificate.
  • Approximately 29cm in length.

Price: £119

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Themes for your fourth wedding anniversary gift

wooden heart fourth anniversaryThere are a number of different ways you can celebrate a wedding anniversary. You could choose to take a second honeymoon, hold a party, or do the most obvious which is exchange gifts. It’s usually only the couple themselves who celebrate in this way but it’s becoming more popular for family and friends to give gifts to the couple too. Giving gifts to each other and the celebrating couple is a way of acknowledging the passing of another year and their continued commitment to each other and their union.

Linen and silk anniversary gifts are the traditional themes for a 4 year wedding anniversary gift in the US. In the UK the honour falls to fruit and flowers. These themes open up a wealth of options. But if you’re struggling to find something appropriate the modern theme is to give electrical appliances. While this kind of gift may not be romantic or inspiring, there may be an electrical appliance the couple would be pleased to own.

The 4 year anniversary flower is a hydrangea. Although some lists have geraniums instead. The 4th anniversary gemstone is blue topaz.

We found one particular gift that ticks lots of boxes. A blue glazed jewellery set and gold or silver dipped rose from Eternity Rose.

Now that you know all the themes associated with a fourth wedding anniversary there should be no problem finding the perfect gift for your beautiful wife. However, there’s no pressure for you to follow any theme. Find your own 4th wedding anniversary gift to surprise the lady of your dreams.

One word of warning………don’t let the day pass without some kind of recognition or putting care into choosing her gift, or you risk ending up in the doghouse like many unfortunate husbands before you.

Do I really have to get my wife a 4th wedding anniversary gift?

gold dipped poker cardsSome of you may be thinking that buying gifts for a wedding anniversary is a ploy by retailers to get you to spend more of your cash. We agree that gifts for wedding anniversaries has become big business nowadays but celebrating such occasions is part of history. It may not have been every year that was celebrated, but certainly the most significant ones such as 25th, 50th or 60th.

Nowadays we’ve taken the tradition to its ultimate limit by marking every passing year with a gift. However, there’s no pressure to make you buy a gift every year, as sometimes gestures can be just as precious. Some romantic gestures speak far louder than any gift so it’s up to you whether you buy a gift this year or come up with a sentimental gesture.

We’re actually wondering why you’re asking such a question. What’s wrong with giving your wife a gift? Nothing in our book, because we recognise there are far too few occasions when telling someone how special they are is part of the equation. And the benefit of gifts is not just in the recipients court. Giving gifts to another person, especially when that person is someone you love has a real feel good factor too. How your heart will be fluttering when the gift you spent so long choosing brings a tear to your wife’s eye.

As we’ve already mentioned that celebrating a wedding anniversary is not just about exchanging gifts. It’s also about spending time together, doing something you both enjoy. It’s far too big a day to spend it slaving over your work-desk so take the day off and appreciate each others company. To every couple reading this we wish you a very happy anniversary. May all your wishes and dreams come true.

Stay tuned because we’ll be here to help with the next anniversary, and for many to come in the future.