Celebrate in Style with Unique Silver Wedding Gifts

Do you know a couple who will soon be celebrating a significant milestone in their marriage? Have you got family members who are approaching their silver wedding anniversary? Are you one half of a successful partnership that wants to mark such a momentous occasion as a 25th wedding anniversary? You’ll be pleased to know you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got loads of ideas to help you.

As well as unique silver wedding gifts we’ll also be offering suggestions for personalised, for parents, for friends and a number of other wedding anniversary gift ideas. But here on this page we’ll be looking at gifts considered to be unique. What does unique mean exactly? One of a kind, is one way to look at it. You may be thinking that some of our suggestions are very common gifts. What makes them unique is the fact they’ve been carefully chosen with the couples preferences in mind. Or something has been added to the gift to raise it up and make it more personal and precious.

Top ideas for unique silver wedding gifts

unique gifts for silver anniversaryThe gift of a special memory
Time and time again you’ll find picture frames mentioned as suitable anniversary gifts. The reason is they can be filled with something to remind the couple of special memories. A framed photograph of them when they were much younger, when they first started dating, or one from their wedding day, will be a great way to remind them of the good times they had when a little younger.
There are other ways you can give an anniversary couple a special memory. Is the restaurant they frequented when they first started dating still open? Give them a gift certificate to spend at this special location. They’ll get to enjoy a special silver anniversary date in a place that holds special meaning.
Digital picture frames are another way to gather together some favourite memories. And the good thing with a digital frame is that it can be regularly updated with fresh moments.

The gift of some silver jewellery
As they are celebrating a silver wedding anniversary, it’s only fitting for the jewellery to be silver. Silver bracelets with their names engraved on them or their wedding date engraved on the back. A silver pendant necklace is another great silver wedding gift, or matching silver watches or silver key chains.

The gift of a getaway
This kind of gift can work out to be expensive, so unless you’ve got spare cash to splurge, you might want to pool your resources with a few other family members or friends. If you’re sure of a suitable destination then go ahead and book the anniversary some time away from it all. Otherwise you might want to give them gift certificates to be spend on travel arrangements and hotel accommodation. That way they can choose their own destination, and not have to worry about the cost.
Spending time together, away from the daily grind, relaxing and enjoying their anniversary in a romantic setting is the perfect way to celebrate such an important event.

Unique silver wedding presents don’t have to be expensive
For a silver wedding anniversary gift to be precious doesn’t always require huge expense/ What is most important is the thought that went into the gift. Some of the sweetest gifts can cost relatively nothing, just some of your time. You could consider compiling a music disc of all their favourite tunes. This will a great gift they can share while enjoying a romantic anniversary dinner or spending time together.

Unique silver wedding gifts from Eternity Rose
hen it comes to unique silver anniversary gifts Eternity Rose is one of many companies offering gifts a little out of the ordinary. The good thing with their range of gifts is many are made using silver. Silver dipped rose blooms are one of their most popular gifts but there is also a great range of exquisite jewellery. Both the jewellery and rose blooms are made using flowers that have been picked from their own gardens, before being treated to a series of careful processes that preserve the beauty of the bloom.

Many people reading this page will have their choices restricted by a specific budget. What happens when you’re a celebrity and the sky’s the limit for an anniversary gift?

earrings_heart ukSome examples of how celebs love to push the boat out when it comes to anniversary gifts

  • Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres – Portia splashed out on a skywriter to write a simple message in the sky. The word ‘six’ payed homage to their six year anniversary.
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William – For their third anniversary Prince William gave his duchess a Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch that had a sapphire embedded in it that matched her engagement ring.
  • Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne – This celebrity really went to town for his first anniversary gift. He gave Avril a 17 carat emerald-cut diamond ring.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita – This celebrity couple celebrated their first anniversary with dinner at home. Sound’s pretty simple until you realise they hired their own personal chef.