A 3 Year Anniversary Gift Made of Leather – Very Traditional

There are many wedding anniversary years that are well known for having certain themes. Take for example a silver or golden wedding anniversary. Most people will know these as the themes for a 25th and a 50th wedding anniversary. The theme for a third wedding anniversary is a little less well-known. Many people are surprised when they realise that leather is the traditional 3rd anniversary theme.

leather box third anniversary giftA third wedding anniversary should be considered a special time for any married couple. After all the challenges of the first couple of years husband and wife should have pretty much settled into a normal routine. They’ll be familiar which each other’s ways, and let’s face it they won’t always be good ones. But being married is about learning to live with each others foibles and embracing the things that make you different.

The tradition for giving wedding anniversaries a specific theme goes back to the early 1900s. A list was compiled that gave many of the passing years a particular theme. Some of the most significant years already had a well recognised theme, but by the 1930’s many more had been added.

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Why leather anniversary gifts for a third wedding anniversary?

There are likely to be a few of you reading this who would be interested to know why leather was chosen for the third wedding anniversary theme. There is no definitive answer but it’s thought to be linked because of a Russian and German traditional saying. It states that a couple will feel like they live in each other’s skin by the time their third year of marriage is nearing its end.

It’s also thought to be the chosen theme because of the durability and resilience of this particular material. A marriage looking to enter its fourth year should also be hard wearing and sturdy. There are bound to have been a fair share of ups and downs, but the love that the couple share has seen them through the good and the bad times.

A luxurious 3rd wedding anniversary gift made of leather

When it comes to buying your wife third wedding anniversary gifts made of leather there’s plenty to choose from with a luxurious and extravagant feel. Leather is a gorgeous material from which a wide variety of gifts can be made. Leather shoes may be just what your wife longs for, but are you certain of her personal style and taste? A better option would be to give her a gift voucher she can spend in a high quality shoe store. There she’ll be able to select the perfect pair of leather shoes. And we all know how much women love their shoes.

On the other hand you could buy her a fashionable leather jacket for a 3 year anniversary gift. A stylish leather jacket can be worn time and time again, on a number of different occasions. Or she may prefer a trendy leather handbag she can show off to all her friends.

Leather goods have been around for centuries, and they never seem to go out of fashion. Buy your wife a third wedding anniversary gift made using leather and it’ll remind her of this special occasion for many years to come.

Choose a 3rd wedding anniversary gift for her with a modern theme

Blue matched setThere is a modern list of anniversary themes you can go to for inspiration, when you’re looking for 3rd wedding anniversary presents for your wife. Rather than more traditional materials, this list contains more contemporary themes. For a third wedding anniversary the modern theme is crystal or glass. And there are lots of different options if you’d rather go with a more up to date option.

Crystal and glass ornaments come in all different shapes and sizes. You’ll have no problem finding something to suit your wife’s taste. Whether she’s into wildlife, ballet, or cute cupids there’s something for everyone if you’re looking for ornaments made of crystal or glass. There are also a number of attractive items of jewellery that feature glass or crystal as an embellishment. Everytime she wears the necklace, earrings or pendant she’ll be reminded of you.

Maybe your wife would prefer the idea of an imposing crystal vase. Buy her a bouquet of flowers to team up with this 3 year anniversary gift or choose a natural rose bloom dipped in a precious metal for a more long lasting anniversary gift.

Whatever you choose to give your wife for a third wedding anniversary gift you can be sure it’ll be held close to her heart if it comes with love and affection. You’ve not traveled very far yet down the road of married life. Buy the right gift and your journey is sure to continue for many more years to come.