Time to Celebrate Half a Century of Married Life with 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

For those of you reading this page that have reached the golden milestone of a 50th wedding anniversary, may we offer you the very best congratulations. You’ll be pleased to know that you’ve found the perfect place to offer helpful suggestions and advice when you’re looking for 50th anniversary gifts for your beloved partner.

Some of you may be looking for golden anniversary gift ideas for a couple of friends or family members. We’re pleased you found your way here because we’ve also got plenty of 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas to share with you too. gold dipped poker cards Half a century spent together with another person is quite a feat, and both parties deserve some love and attention. Not just from each other, but those around them too. A great way to mark such a momentous occasion is by giving 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Certain themes are associated with wedding anniversaries and this year the theme is gold. Also known as a golden wedding anniversary this 50th year it won’t be difficult finding the perfect gift because there are so many options. And the size of your budget won’t make much difference, because you can always buy something coloured gold instead.

24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

Gold-dipped natural rose

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24k Gold-Dipped Poker Cars

Gold-dipped poker cards

  • A deck of playable poker cards dipped in pure 24k gold.
  • Each deck is produced to the highest tournament standards.
  • Each deck comes in its own cherrywood case and its own certificate of authenticity.

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50th anniversary gifts made of gold

The tradition of giving gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary goes back hundreds of years. There is a little confusion about where it all started but accounts have been found in Ancient Rome and medieval Europe. Husbands would celebrate the event of a 50th anniversary by giving their wife a garland made of gold. A 25th anniversary was marked with a garland made of silver. Times have moved on a long way since then, and now it’s more usual to celebrate every passing anniversary. Obviously some are more significant than others but nevertheless we now consider every year to be important.

So what are your options when it comes to buying 50th anniversary gifts for your partner?

Golden wedding anniversary gift ideas for the woman of your dreams

Gold vase and roseThe aim of a 50th wedding anniversary gift for your wife is to show her how much she means to you and you’re still in love with her after all these years. And you’re definitely not going to be disappointed with what’s on offer. Are you going to go for something traditional or bang up to date? Doesn’t really matter because both themes are gold. Now we know you’re not going to be looking for a garland made of gold so what else is on offer?

There are hundreds of gloriously golden gifts you can buy for your lovely lady wife. Not just made of gold, but gold-plated or gold coloured work just as well. Why not consider a pair of matching anniversary glasses, along with her favourite bottle of wine? Unless you’re planning to splash out on a bottle of bubbly. Whether you’ll be sipping champers or the finest red wine your gift will be the perfect addition. Especially if the glasses are trimmed with gold leaf and have been personalised with a heartfelt message, or at the very least your anniversary date. Glasses come in a wide variety of styles including crystal, flutes, goblets and tumblers.

Are you thinking that jewellery might be a better choice for your anniversary present? An item of jewellery made using gold is obviously not going to be difficult to find. The problem comes when you have to make your choice from the hundreds of items available. Would she prefer a dazzling necklace? Or are gold stud earrings more her thing? Bracelets, rings, brooches and pins just add to the confusion. Your wife’s personal taste is what’s going to help your decision, so take a look at the items she already owns. You’ll soon get an idea of the kind of things she prefers wearing.

Say thanks to your husband with a golden wedding anniversary gift for him

It a recognised fact that men, on the whole, prefer gifts that are useful. Romantic and sentimental don’t need to be crossed off the list. But your husband is going to prefer an anniversary gift that’s practical. How about a gold dipped golf ball and tee set, or 24 carat gold dipped poker cards? Sound a little frivolous and not at all practical? Well you’ll be pleased to know, and your husband will too, that both items are perfectly playable. But don’t be surprised if he decides not to use them but put them on display in your living room. Alternatively you could give him a personalised gold credit card wallet, pen set or engraved penknife.

Fifty years of married life is a great excuse for celebrating. And one good way to celebrate with your spouse is by exchanging special gifts with each other. Take some time considering all the options, before you hand over the cash, and pick a gift that suits your partner’s preferences. A little bit of thought will go a long way towards making your anniversary day special.